Online bookstore in qatar shuts down after owner was caught selling counterfeit goods

QATAR, Qatar — The owner of an online bookstore in Qatar has been arrested for selling counterfeit products on the Internet.

Al-Mansur, a popular online bookstore and dating website, shut down its doors after police detained a man in connection with the investigation, the Saudi-owned Al Arabiya news channel reported.

The man, a resident of the Qatari capital, was arrested on Tuesday, the channel said.

The online bookstore was closed on Monday after police confiscated a large amount of fake and counterfeit goods.

The store had been selling products such as shoes, perfume and accessories.

Al Arabiyas report was not immediately confirmed by the store’s owners.

Online retailers and online dating sites have become a hot topic in Qatar, where women can be punished for having sexual relations with men outside of marriage.