Bookshop in Kuwait, online bookstore is here to stay

KUWAIT, Kuwait — Kuwait’s book and music stores are still struggling to recover from the recent shutdown of their online stores.

Online bookstores in Kuwait are not allowed to sell CDs, DVDs, video games or music.

While the online store in Kuwait’s capital is still open, its members are not able to sell products like toys and clothes.

Kuwaites have been unable to purchase goods from their local retailers for weeks.

On Monday, online bookstores and other retailers in Kuwait were forced to close their doors due to the shutdown of the country’s online shopping portal,

The portal, which was launched in 2015 and provides online shopping, was shut down by the government on Aug. 25.

The government said it had not been able to determine a viable way to restart the site.

However, online shop owners and merchants in Kuwait said they had not received any official orders to reopen their stores.

They said the government has not communicated to them what will happen with their shops.

We have been told we have to close the stores for three months to give time for our suppliers to get back to their normal business,” said Khaled Al-Bashir, a shop owner and musician in the southern city of Khanaqin.

Al-Bishir said that the online shop is not open for business.

The online shopping website is operated by a Kuwaiti company called Al-Kuwa.

It is an online store that is not affiliated with Kuwaiti state-owned Kuwait Petroleum, or Kuwait Petroleum Holdings, or any of its subsidiaries.

“We do know we are in the middle of the crisis. “

We do not know what the future holds,” Al-Khalil Al-Sayed, a manager in the online retail business at Kuwaiti online bookseller Al-Alawiyya, told Al Jazeera.

“We do know we are in the middle of the crisis.

It’s not a good time for us to be selling things we can’t afford.”

Al-Says said the closure of the online shopping portals is a setback for Kuwaiti retailers.

Al Jazeera spoke to dozens of online booksellers, music retailers and other online merchants in the country, as well as the Kuwaiti Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

All spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

Alawsaq Al-Qassim, the owner of online retail website e-Bay, said that it is not easy for Kuwaitis to sell items on the online stores, because there is a shortage of supplies.

He said that there is no official plan to reopen the online book stores.

Kuwaiti online stores are only able to carry items from one shop to another.

The government is currently working to open the remaining online book and merchandise stores, Al-Zahrani said.

The ministry will take measures to increase the supply of products to the online shops, he added.

Online retailers in Saudi Arabia are also struggling to survive amid the government shutdown, according to Ali Al-Jasser, a senior researcher at Al-Watan Center for Social and Political Studies in Saudi King Abdulaziz University.

He told Al-Arabiya TV that online bookselling has been severely affected in Saudi Arabias oil-rich Gulf Cooperation Council region.

Saudi Arabia shut down al-Jazeera in 2016 and the countrys only other news outlet, alJazeera English, has not been operating since then.

AlJazeera, which is also owned by Al Jazeera, was forced to suspend operations for over a year, due to low revenue.

Its main Arabic language news site, Al Jazeera English, also went offline in 2018.