How to Buy Online at Walmart Online

The latest version of Walmart’s online store will allow shoppers to browse items for sale directly from their phones, according to the company.

The new version will allow customers to browse and purchase products from across the company’s online marketplace and, the company said Wednesday in a statement. 

In addition,, a marketplace that allows consumers to purchase merchandise directly from retailers online, will now allow shoppers access to Walmart.

The online marketplace is expected to debut later this month. 

The announcement comes a few days after Walmart announced that it would begin testing an app that allows customers to buy goods from Walmart’s website. 

Online shoppers can also browse through Walmart’s catalog of products on their smartphones and tablets, the retailer said. 

“Today, Walmart announced an update to our online store, Walmart Online, which includes a number of new features to support online shopping and better serve consumers,” Walmart said in a news release.

“Customers can now view a catalog of all products available for sale, browse through a catalogue of over 30 million products, and access an expanded shopping cart to select products and merchandise. will continue to provide access to these new features.” 

Walmart said the new version of its online store also provides shoppers with the ability to save product reviews and store details, which the retailer says can be helpful when shopping. 

While the app will initially launch in the U.S., Walmart said the company will expand the service to other countries in the future. 

Walter Isaacson, CEO of, said that the new store’s features will help Walmart better serve its customers. 

Isaacson said the store is a major step in Walmart’s strategy to expand online shopping across the globe. 

He said that has been a great success, with more than 12 million unique visitors to Walmart’s site in 2016. 

Now, with Walmart.go, Walmart’s digital platform for online shopping, the digital shopping experience is more streamlined, allowing customers to save, shop and browse products from Walmart.

Isaacson said is also a great platform for retailers to grow their ecommerce businesses, because customers can now access the entire catalog of Walmart merchandise in one place. 

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