What you need to know about the VA hospital in Colorado Springs

COLUMBUS, Ohio — It was a scene out of a science fiction movie: An office filled with doctors and nurses.

A small, brightly colored table covered in books and magazines.


An office, full of bright lights.

It was the Veterans Affairs hospital in rural Colorado Springs, Colorado.

It had been closed for the last four months after an explosion killed 11 people.

Now, more than 200 patients are still waiting for their care, but a new VA hospital, located just a few miles away, is beginning to provide the same kind of care.

“I think it’s been an amazing healing experience,” said Dr. Daniel McDaniel, who was part of the medical team that treated the patients.

McDaniel has been in the VA for two years and has treated more than 100 patients, mostly for traumatic brain injury and other conditions.

He is part of a team that will open the new Veterans Affairs Hospital in the coming weeks.

The VA hospital opened its doors on June 28, the same day as President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The building will have a waiting room with a hospital suite, a medical office and a conference room, where doctors will gather to share information and discuss patients.

There will be no more beds, but it will be much more comfortable, said David L. Johnson, a clinical professor of health policy at Ohio State University.

“This is going to be a more secure facility than any other VA facility in the country,” Johnson said.

The building will be located in a suburb of the University of Colorado Springs and is slated to open in 2019.

It will be the largest and most modern VA hospital.

It is scheduled to have a capacity of 500 beds and will house 1,600 patients.

It will be able to accommodate 2,200 additional patients and staff, with an average wait time of five months.

McAdams is one of the hospital’s first patients.

“It was like going to a different hospital.

You’re a little bit scared and nervous and maybe a little nervous and a little anxious, but you know what?

It was worth it,” McAdams said.”

The people that came here had no idea that it was coming, and it was really cool,” said David C. Fenton, another first-time patient.”

You have to see it in a different light, because it’s such a new facility, and people don’t know what to expect, so I just try to learn from my mistakes and I just stay positive and just get better,” Fenton said.

Some of the patients will be veterans who were discharged from the Colorado Army National Guard and transferred to the VA after being discharged from a military hospital.

But others will be returning from military deployments.

The hospital has also attracted the attention of celebrities.

It’s a place where celebrities can come and go as they please, according to its website.

It has also drawn attention for its facilities, including the fact that it is the only one in the nation that has been fully renovated since it opened.

The city of Colorado has made an effort to make the VA a destination for visitors.

Mayor Greg Fischer recently announced that he wants to bring the facility back to its former glory.

The new VA Hospital in Colorado is part in the city’s plan to revive its downtown.

The new facility is part on the city budget and part the city of Fort Collins’ vision for revitalizing downtown.

The project has already helped to revitalize the area.

There is a new hotel, new restaurants and a new outdoor pool.

The town has also added more businesses, including a new chain restaurant.

“We’re proud of the work that has gone into this project, and the fact is, there are still people who have no idea what a Veterans Affairs facility is and how it works,” Fischer said.

Fischer said he was pleased that the new facility was also able to serve veterans.

“They have a right to a VA facility.

It needs to be safe, it needs to provide them with the care they need, and that’s what this new facility will do,” he said.