The bookshop online is a big hit with kids, says author

NEW DELHI: The bookseller online has become a hit among children with a growing number of books available online for free.

Many booksellers are also offering children’s books and magazines.

“We’ve got books, magazines and games that are for the whole family, from preschool to university level.

And children love reading.

They’re eager to learn, and they’re eager for the latest news and what’s happening,” said Rishi Kapoor, the founder and publisher of the online bookshop, which launched in March and has over 1,500 customers.

“There’s an abundance of books, but it’s also a bookshop for children.

You’ll find everything from popular books to children’s magazines and books for all ages,” said Kapoor.

The website also has books for adults, and there are also games, puzzles, quizzes and games for children and families.

Kapoor says the business is also attracting new customers from across the globe, including Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

The bookshops website, known as, allows users to book online, book online and book in person.

“Most of the children and adults bookstores have closed their doors, so the new bookshopping sites are the best places to browse books online and find a good book,” said Suresh Khanna, director general of book retailing at Booking, which is headquartered in Bengaluru.

Khanna said Booking’s website is also popular with families and is one of the few bookshacks in India that offers kids a choice of different books, from children’s to adult, priced from Rs 1,800 to Rs 6,800.

Booking also offers kids games and activities to keep them engaged.

A large number of the books are available for children, said Kapir, who also owns The Bookshop, a family bookshop.

He said he was pleased to see that Booking was doing well in the market.

“The business has also grown quite fast.

Our business has tripled in the last few months,” said Khanna.

“Children are buying books for their children, for their own families.

They are very interested in learning and reading.

And they’re finding a lot of things online,” said Kavita Jain, a child and family therapist at Aaprukha Clinic in New Delhi.

Jain said she has been seeing more and more children with developmental disabilities and learning disabilities at the Booking website.

“A lot of children are coming from poor families to get books, and that’s when we get books like this for them.

I see a lot more children who have special needs and need books that are good for them,” she said.

According to a survey conducted by bookshackers and publishers last year, there are over 10,000 online bookshack businesses.

Kapur says that more and better online bookselling has made Booking a very successful business.

“Now, we have to do more than just books.

We have to offer books to other children.

We also have to make sure that the children are kept up to date on the latest trends in literature and entertainment.

This will help them keep up with the latest stories,” said the bookseller.

“I want to take a big part of this business,” said another bookseller who asked not to be named.

“Books for kids are not the only thing that we do here.

We do games, games for adults.

I want to expand the business so that more children are interested in reading and playing books,” he said.