When it comes to book titles, online booksellers have an advantage

Bookstores are now a staple in Australian online retailing, with over 500 in total and many more in other parts of the world.

Online bookstores are the largest part of the e-commerce market in Australia, and as such they have become a significant source of revenue for the country’s large e-retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders.

Online Bookstores have also proven an attractive way for small book retailers to build relationships with their online customers, with a new survey by the Australian Booksellers and Booksellors Association (ABBA) revealing that over a third of all Australian bookstores surveyed had a presence on Amazon.com or its rival platform Amazon Prime, with Amazon’s Prime membership offering being the second largest online shopping service in the country.

However, a study by The Australian Digital Publishing Council (ADPC) found that Australian bookselling was also hit hard by the loss of the physical book store, and with a median price of just $0.09 per item per sale online, the loss could be catastrophic.

As bookseller, you may not have the financial resources to cover the losses of losing the physical shop.

If you do, we can help you through the process of making the transition from online to the physical world.

The bookseller in your life is here to help you.

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