How will Chelsea get past the Parisian defence?

On Monday evening, the Champions League group stage kicks off.

It’s the biggest game of the season for Chelsea, with their rivals Manchester City and Bayern Munich having already clinched places in the group.

But for the Blues, who will face the Parisians for the first time in four years, it’s not just about the game itself.

The game is about them, and the rest of the world, being in the same room.

As much as this season has been about what could have been, what could be, what is, and what is not, it is about the players, the coach and the supporters of the club who will be in the stands for their first ever encounter.

And that means they are being watched, too.

The Chelsea fans are the same as the rest, they say.

They’re all the same, they’re all a bunch of fucking idiots.

They say the same thing about the other teams.

They want to see a trophy.

They wanted to see it in the stadium, and they want to be part of it.

“We’re not going to have a trophy, they’ll just have a fucking trophy,” says defender Nemanja Matic.

“It’s not going on the table.

They won’t even be there to see.

It will be their day to forget.

They’ll be there watching the game.

They just want to get to the stadium and have a drink.”

And, of course, they will.

“They’ll come here and enjoy the moment,” says Matic, whose team is one of three in the Champions league.

“And then they’ll go home and have dinner with their family.

They have nothing to do.

And it will all be good.”

Matic is one part of a group that is going to be watching the Parisiens’ home opener from the stands, which is not going well for them.

They are 0-1 up, with two minutes to go, and have been punished for two of their three goals.

“I thought we had chances, but they just kept coming back at us,” says Thibaut Courtois.

“That was the biggest problem for us, we didn’t get the chances.

I’m not saying we didn’s it, we just didn’t.

That’s why we’ve been out of the game so much.

It was an absolute nightmare.”

But Chelsea will be hoping that they will get back to winning ways.

“The most important thing is the players,” says Courtoist.

“For the fans, the players are the most important players.”

It is the same for the fans.

For the players.

And for the manager.

And all of the supporters.

Chelsea fans want to win the trophy.

But, at the same time, they want their team to play well enough to be in contention for the title.

They would like the squad to be strong enough to defend against Barcelona and Bayern in the quarter-finals, and strong enough against the rest in the final.

And they want the players to perform well enough against both Barcelona and the big boys in Europe.

They will want to beat Barcelona, of all people.

Chelsea have already beaten Barcelona once in the last five seasons.

In the Champions, this season they have lost to Bayern twice.

And then they beat Barcelona again.

And lost to Barcelona again in the semi-finals.

“Chelsea have been on a roll this season,” says Fabio Capello.

“Last year, they were second in the league, but we won the league.

And last year, we won all of our matches, which we did in the Europa League, so we were really good.

Now we’re not even in the second tier.

So it’s very hard to beat us.”

“They are a good team,” says Laurent Koscielny.

“Every team has a couple of players who play very well.

They always want to play a good game.

If we play well, they know we can score.

If they don’t, they can’t score.

It is very difficult.

It can’t be explained by luck.

They need to play at a very high level, because if they don, they are a very strong team.”

“It was an amazing match,” says Mario Mandzukic.

“Obviously they won the game, but it was a very exciting game.

We knew they were a very good team.

And, when you win against Barcelona, it means you’re playing a good football, you know?

We’re still in the process of improving, but that’s what we’re doing.

We’re learning every game, we’re trying to learn from our mistakes and from the mistakes of the other team.

We have to learn to play better, but in order to do that we have to play like Barcelona and have quality.”

And Chelsea know what they have to do to get there.

“In the last three or four weeks, the game has been very tough for us,” explains Mourinho.

“You know how I say this: