How to make your own fake news story

What you need to know about the fake news phenomenon.

article What it is: It is the practice of publishing stories in which a reporter is using a pseudonym, typically to shield his identity.

It was pioneered by the news organizations BuzzFeed and Vox in the U.S. and other sites in Europe and Australia, as well as the Kremlin-backed Sputnik News, according to news reports.

How to do it: If you want to publish a story that purports to be a news item that has been taken out of context or not taken at all, you must first obtain permission from the source of the story, said Michael Weiss, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation and a former editor at the Associated Press.

“And then you have to make sure the story is true,” he said.

“You can’t just say, ‘We’re publishing this story.’

You have to verify that it’s true.”

The AP also declined to comment on its reporting.

Fake news can be a source of great controversy, with some reporters publishing news that is often wildly inaccurate.

“This is a new thing, where we are going to be publishing stories that are false, that are misleading, that have been intentionally distorted,” Weiss said.