Stanford Books online store for books from the Stanford University Library, now on sale!

By Brianne LutzSource: Stanford Libraries via Business Insider article Stanford Books is now online for the first time for anyone to buy, sell and rent books online.

The online store is currently open for book buyers to buy and sell digital editions of the Stanford Library’s collections, as well as books published by Stanford Books since the late 1980s.

The online shop, which is currently the first in the world to offer this kind of access, allows readers to browse the collection, view the physical books they own and to buy digital versions of those books.

The site also allows book sellers to advertise their books and sell their products.

Stanford Libraries are the largest collection of printed books in the United States, but they’ve been digitized to preserve their physical contents, which are stored in a series of warehouses.

The Stanford Libraries are home to many of the world’s best texts, but digital books are one of the oldest types of books in existence.

Stanfield Books is a subsidiary of the National Endowment for the Humanities, which administers the Stanford Libraries, and is a division of the Libraries Foundation.