Aussie books for kids, adults and even kids on the go

An Australian bookshop has launched a new line of books for adults, and also for kids online.

Shm online bookstore has launched The Best Of, a collection of more than 50 books for both children and adults, in the past week, and will be expanding to more children’s titles in the coming months.

Shmu says it is a collaborative effort between the company and independent authors, publishers and schools.

“The best thing about this partnership is the fact that authors are coming together to produce content that is very personal and thoughtful, and we’ve found that that works in a lot of children’s books,” Shmu CEO Nick Cavanagh told the ABC.

“We’ve got the opportunity to make sure that this material is really relevant and relevant to kids and that they’re reading it.”

They’re not just reading it to read it, they’re also reading it for the fun of it.

“Shmu has over 2,500 children’s book titles in its catalogue, which include the likes of Kool-Aid Man and How To Be A Good Dad.

The bookshop, which opened last year, also sells children’s and adult literature from the likes Of Mice and Men, The Black Keys, The Mummy, The Princess Bride and other authors.”

There are some books that are really classic that are just really popular with kids,” Mr Cavanah said.”

And then there are books that they just love, that they think are really funny, or really scary.

“These are books kids will love to read.

They’re a great place to discover new authors.”

Shm has also launched The Books That Really Make Me Laugh, which is curated by author and comedian John Hodgman.

It includes a collection titled How To Train Your Dog to Go to Work, and is available for purchase in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

The books are also available in the UK, Ireland, Canada, and the US.