What you need to know about the upcoming Hebrew University graduate student exchange program

The Hebrew University Graduate Student Exchange program (HKSE) is opening up for the first time to students with advanced degrees and other special needs, allowing them to apply to a full-time position with the Israeli government.

The program has already attracted some 800 applicants who will be sent to the US next month to work as translators and translation specialists, according to the Hebrew University Press, which published the news on Thursday.

The exchange program is aimed at providing a platform for graduate students to work in the country and help to support their families in Israel.

The HKSE program is one of the few open to all Hebrew University students with degrees, according the program’s website.

It aims to help students to gain valuable professional experience while living abroad and to prepare them for future employment.

The students can study in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia, with options in Israel for a few years after graduation.

In addition to the full-term position, applicants will have the option to work for the Hebrew language school.

“We believe that we can help all our students to attain a position of full-fledged citizenship in Israel through the HKSE,” said a statement from the university.

“This program is open to everyone with a relevant degree and the right language skills, and will help them to get a job in Israel.”

The program was launched in 2012 by the Hebrew Language School, the first Hebrew language high school to be created in the United States.

Currently, the Hebrew high school offers a full program to its students, as well as a program to graduate students in Hebrew and English.

Currently, there are only a few qualified applicants for the full program, including a PhD student and a graduate student.

The HKSE, which is based in Tel Aviv, has already opened two more positions, including the position of interpreter and translator.

In order to participate in the program, applicants must be studying at Hebrew University and have a bachelor’s degree in a field related to Hebrew.

They must also have the language skills to communicate in Hebrew.

Applications for the exchange program will be accepted from March 6 to March 9.

The first students will be contacted by April 12, while the second applicants will be invited to apply in June.

The students will begin work in Israel from June 2018.