A unique take on Australia’s national treasures

With the advent of the online bookstore, a national treasure has been born.

It is jamalon, a bookshop and bookstore in Melbourne’s inner-north.

Its owner and proprietor, Michael Jamalon, is not one to shy away from controversy.

The former police officer turned bookseller has spent the last 15 years fighting the bookshop’s landlord, Simon and Schuster Australia, for possession of the title.

Jamalon was originally granted a lease on the property by the Victorian Government in 2015, but the dispute escalated when the bookseller and publisher decided to take the book to the Victorian Supreme Court.

In 2017, the Supreme Court of Victoria ruled that the book would remain in Jamalon’s possession.

In its ruling, the Victorian Court of Appeal said that the court had been informed of the “serious” and “intolerable” nature of the book’s alleged copyright infringement.

The court added that the owner and publisher had “never complied with the terms and conditions” of the lease, which stated that the “owners and proprietors would be responsible for the reasonable expenses of maintaining and operating the premises”.

Jamalon and his partner were told to pay $7,000 towards the damages, which included legal costs.

The Supreme Court said the amount of the damages was not set out in the lease and that the terms of the contract did not mention the “reasonable expenses”.

Jamalon appealed the decision, but lost the case to the Supreme Courts of Australia.

In his decision, the court said the “facts and circumstances” of this case are not the same as the case before the Victorian court.

“The circumstances of the dispute do not allow the courts to conclude that there is a reasonable likelihood that the parties will prevail on the merits,” Justice Michael Murphy wrote.

“It is important to note that this case has arisen out of a dispute between a local property owner and a bookseller, and there is no suggestion of the owners or the booksellers intending to infringe on the rights of others.”