China buys a lot of bookstores online, e-books are now on sale at $1 a copy

China has bought a slew of bookshops online in recent years, and many are now selling for as little as $1.50.

The move to digital bookstores is likely to be welcomed by some booksellers, who have been trying to sell books online for years and have long been frustrated by the high prices they often face.

China’s e-commerce boom has come with a big hit to traditional bookstores in China, whose books are often sold at inflated prices.

In recent years China has started selling e-book and audiobook sales at $0.75-1 a book, which is much lower than the official $2-3 mark, according to the National Book Bureau.

In the past, booksellings in China often paid the official mark-up, but now they are being forced to take their losses and close stores in order to pay the mark-ups.

As China has increasingly become a digital economy, the country is trying to attract the digital market as well.

The new strategy of online bookstores could be a way for the country to keep growing its online book sales.

It also could help China’s struggling e-readers by giving them more choices and a better deal.

In a statement, the China National Booksellers Association said it is excited about the plan.

The association said online bookshoes have become a popular tool to attract customers to the country’s bookstores, and that they will continue to work together with the authorities to make them more popular.