Clinton is leading GOP, Trump in Ohio, North Carolina poll results

NEW YORK (AP) Hillary Clinton is the front-runner in the battleground state of Ohio and has the support of about a quarter of Republican voters, according to a new poll out Monday.

The Quinnipiac University poll showed Clinton leading Donald Trump by about a point in Ohio and the race tightening in North Carolina.

Clinton had 47 percent support in the poll, down one point from last week.

The latest survey comes just days after the former secretary of state won her party’s presidential nomination.

But the poll suggests a different trajectory for the party in the fall.

The poll shows Clinton with a sizable lead over Trump, 48 percent to 41 percent.

That would be enough to keep her ahead of him if the race is tied.

The survey shows the two front-runners tied in Florida, with the former New York senator with 48 percent support to Trump’s 45 percent.

Florida is the most likely battleground state to be decided by November 8, with Clinton holding a slim edge over Trump in the Sunshine State.

Trump won Florida in 2016 and the Republican Party’s 2016 presidential nominee, former Gov.

Jeb Bush.

The Florida polls are a reminder of how much has changed in the Republican party in just a few months, with Trump losing his support and now leading Clinton by double digits in some states.

But there is little doubt that a Trump victory in Florida would be a blow to his efforts to broaden his appeal beyond his core supporters.

Trump, who won the state with more than 60 percent of the vote, has been struggling to expand his support, and a Trump win there would likely lead to the resignation of his party’s top strategist, Karl Rove.

That is likely to hurt the Republican nominee in other states, such as Pennsylvania, where Trump leads in most recent polls.

The polling comes as a new Quinnipac University poll shows a tighter race in North America’s second-largest economy, Canada.

The Moncton, New Brunswick,-based polling firm said in its latest poll released Monday that Trump holds a three-point lead over his Democratic rival in the race for the Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership.

Clinton led the Democratic ticket in the party by eight percentage points in Monctonton in a Feb. 20 survey, with Sanders coming in second with 6 percent.

Trump led by three points in that poll, with 2 percent backing him.

That puts him within a percentage point of his nearest challenger, Conservative MP Kellie Leitch.

A Monctoun Conservative party spokesman said the party was not making any decision on whether or not to seek a leadership race.

“It’s a really interesting race and we don’t have any hard figures at this point,” said Andrew Allen.

The Liberal Party of Quebec, a Quebec-based party, is looking at an all-candidates ballot for leadership.

That vote is scheduled to be held Dec. 31.

But while some parties are still considering candidates, others are moving on.

The Quebec Liberals are looking at whether or to open a leadership election and will hold a vote on whether to allow it in the spring, party spokesman Philippe Boucher said.

The party also has an open contest for the Quebec provincial legislature.

The new Quinnips poll found that Clinton is ahead of Trump in Michigan, where he holds a slight lead.

The Michigan survey shows Clinton leading Trump by 10 points, with her lead growing to 18 points among voters who say they are registered Republicans.

Trump is trailing Clinton by about 10 points in Michigan.

The two candidates have been tied in New Hampshire and Ohio, with neither polling above the 50 percent mark in either state.

Trump has been making gains in Iowa, where the race was close until late last week, and in Florida.

Trump had a five-point advantage in the latest poll, while Clinton had a three point lead in the last poll conducted in March.

The most recent poll, conducted Feb. 12-14, had Clinton with about 53 percent support, followed by Trump with about 48 percent and Sanders with about 36 percent.