How to buy a book online using a phone book reader

Nau Books online shop for books on smartphones and tablets is opening online in Ireland.

The online shop is designed for those who want to purchase books digitally, but prefer to have a physical copy of their purchases.

Nau Books has been a long-standing online retailer in Ireland with its main shop in County Mayo.

Its bookshelves are located in a number of cities in the country including Cork, Kerry, Dublin and Limerick.

Online book buying is a big part of Nau’s business.

Online bookshelve sales are now up by a third year in 2017.

Naus books sells a range of books, from classics to children’s fiction.

Its website has more than 50,000 titles.

Online e-book buying is also booming.

Online sales of books from Naus Books rose by 24 per cent in the last year.

Online ebook sales of Naus books rose by 50 per cent.

Online reader subscriptions from Nau are also up by more than a third in the past year.

The website says that most of its sales are online, but Naus Book also offers some e-books from other publishers.

Online subscription sales from Nus Books increased by 31 per cent last year and Naus’ total e-reader subscriptions increased by 24.5 per cent from 2016 to 2017.

Online customers of Nus Book have the choice of purchasing books from booksellers or from Nsu and Nau books.

The Naus store is currently in the process of closing down, but will reopen in the near future.

Online retailers and bookseller companies in Ireland have been struggling as e-commerce has come into play.